Saturday, April 12, 2008

The best bike race ever

I was introduced today to what just might be the most amazing event I've ever seen. The breakdown:

The event: The Little 500 at Indiana University

What it is: A cycling race where teams of four ride laps around a quarter-mile cinder track and exchange their bike to a teammate once too tired to continue.

The rules: All riders must use the same bike, the bike has only one gear, and riders are not allowed to use their brakes unless exchanging riders

The result: An absolutely intense 200 lap cycling event full of the most horrific bike crashes ever. This year's winners were the Cutters, repeating their win of last year's race.

The promo from today's race should give you an idea of how insane this race is:

I'm all for an event where drugs are clearly a necessity for survival.


Eternity said...

Good for people to know.