Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The NY Giants Invade the White House

I had the privilege of attending today's event honoring the New York Giants Super Bowl Win at the White House. It was the kind of thing only Giants fans would have found even remotely interesting. I, of course, thought it was the best day ever.

Quote of the day:

"We're going to send Jessica Simpson to the Democratic National Convention."

- President George W. Bush in speaking about the Dallas loss in his speech Wednesday honoring the New York Giants on their Super Bowl win.

Oh, and nothing turns a bunch of corporate DC suits into giggling, screaming schoolgirls like an autograph session with athletes. But the best was when the guy next to me gets David Tyree's autograph and then turns to me and asks "Who was that?".

Some pics of the event and new additions to my "Taking Pictures with Athletes" collection.

UPDATE: I failed to mention earlier that neither Shockey nor Strahan were in attendance. I asked Brandon Jacobs if the missing boys missed the bus, to which he replied, "Uh, I think they're out of town or something.".

I think that tells us all we need to know about next year.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The best bike race ever

I was introduced today to what just might be the most amazing event I've ever seen. The breakdown:

The event: The Little 500 at Indiana University

What it is: A cycling race where teams of four ride laps around a quarter-mile cinder track and exchange their bike to a teammate once too tired to continue.

The rules: All riders must use the same bike, the bike has only one gear, and riders are not allowed to use their brakes unless exchanging riders

The result: An absolutely intense 200 lap cycling event full of the most horrific bike crashes ever. This year's winners were the Cutters, repeating their win of last year's race.

The promo from today's race should give you an idea of how insane this race is:

I'm all for an event where drugs are clearly a necessity for survival.

Monday, April 7, 2008

I Suck...

Every tournament season it happens. Bloggers take "brackets" a bit too far. Hot wife brackets, tough mascot brackets, celebrity brackets, blah blah blah.

Well, now we have the suckiest sports blog bracket. A bracket in which I've been seeded against Deadspin. Now, I have no dilusions. I don't even belong on this bracket. ANd besides, it's just a cheap ploy to get hits. But end the madness. Go vote for Deadspin, put me out of the bracket, and then we can all move on from this.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Losers of the Week

Happy Friday!!

Head on over to Babes Love Baseball for my weekly Losers of the Week feature.

Oh, and it seems I've been seeded against Deadspin in a blog bracket. Fair? I shouldn't even be on the bracket. Although I'm not sure in what world Dan Shanoff is a 10 seed and The Big Lead is a 1. Mr. Bracket Creator obviously doesn't read those blogs.