Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Them high schoolers are smart

In my "Holy Shit, the Giants won the Super Bowl" bubble, somehow I missed this. But it definitely warrants mentioning.

So it's signing day, the day when high school football players all over the country sign their college careers over to whichever college promises them the hottest co-eds.

But if you're Kevin Hart, you're not going anywhere. Hart held a big press conference announcing his commitment to California instead of Oregon.

Hart held a news conference Friday at Fernley, saying he had chosen the Golden Bears over Oregon. He said he'd talked with Cal coach Jeff Tedford "a lot, and the fact that the head coach did most of the recruiting of me kind of gave me that real personal experience."

No one was more surprised at this news than the people at Cal.

"We have not been recruiting him," said California associate media relations director John Sudsbury, who cited NCAA rules that prevent him from commenting further about recruits. "That's all we can say."

What's even more confusing, Oregon hasn't contacted Hart either.

An official from Oregon denied having contact with Hart. "We're kind of perplexed. We've not ever heard of the young man," said David Williford, assistant AD for media services.

Was Hart the victim of a prank? Or did he go all Britney and have a few "moments" of confusion?

If it was a prank it was well played. Totally mean. But well played.