Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oh Jemele. What are you doing?

When the Mitchell report came out and Andy Pettitte came forward with his admission of using HGH, ESPN's Jemele Hill called Pettitte insincere and said his apology was a joke. In her most recent column regarding Pettitte's explanations to Congress, she calls him "brutally honest" and wise and compares him favorably to Clemens "fraudulent act".

I find it hard to believe that an educated woman like Hill has less of an issue with Pettitte's words now than before. While I don't believe a word Roger Clemens has said, his story hasn't changed from the beginning. Pettitte's has changed each time it's been told.

According to Pettitte, he didn't know what HGH was, that is was bad, and what he was getting into. If that's so, why didn't he discuss it with his trainer? His coaches? The team doctor? Pettitte knew what he was taking and that it was wrong. Should he apologize? Of course. But he's no more sincere or honest than he was two months ago. If anything, he's going backwards.

As media members such as Hill continue to string words together to defend, attack, or exalt players over this steroids issue, they need to maintain the message they are promoting, especially when you have access to such a wide audience as ESPN readers.

Are you allowed to change your mind? Of course. We all are. But writers like Hill need to make it clear that their position has changed. Otherwise, you look like you're writing random opinions for the sake of being heard.

If Hill wants to be a contrarian, fine. But she needs to stick to her guns. It's fairly easy to gain credibility when you work for ESPN. But it's even easier to lose it. Just ask Stephen A.


Chris Iafolla said...

Thanks for your post. Overwhelmingly, the sentiment in the media has been that Andy somehow came out of this looking like the good guy. And while I agree admitting his wrong doing took a lot of courage, I think we need to put this all in perspective. His supposed truthfulness is what people laud, yet it was his lack of truth that put him here. It's hard to hold Andy Pettitte up as a an example of honesty when you consider the circumstances.


hollywood wags said...

She's not exactly well-educated.

She's a Journalism major from Michigan State...

They teach there multiculti relativism where there is no absolute truth. Therefore, whatever she writes is true. A handy qualification for working at ESPN.

remmy said...

Not surprising. It was a happy day for me when she left the Orlando Sentinel for the WWL. I am surprised, however, that you took the time to read two of her articles.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess, you also take what Scoop Jackson says with more than a grain of salt, too?