Friday, November 9, 2007

Shame on You

I've brought you Sports Figures Who Need to Grow Some Balls and Sports Figures Who Need To Shut The Fuck Up. Today we have Sports Figures Who Should Hang Their Head In Shame.

David Stern, Clay Bennett, and Washington House Speaker Frank Chopp: More proof that the fans are not a priority. On Thursday, Stern announced that if the SuperSonics left Seattle, he would not put another team in Seattle. His statement was in response to the battle between Bennett and the state over new arena funding. Welcome to professional sports, Stern! Anytime a team demands a new arena, everyone bitches over the cost. If Bennett wants to be dick and move the team to his home city Oklahoma City, that's his choice. But to pre-emptively declare that the good people of Seattle will never have another home team to root for, well, that's fucked up. Shame on you.

The Minnesota Vikings: More proof that all players are not treated equally. The Vikings have docked WR Troy Williamson one game's pay for missing a game to attend his maternal grandmother's funeral. Williamson, who was partially raised by his grandmother, took the time off to plan the funeral, be with family, and arrange travel for his siblings. Williamson, whose older brother has been in and out of a coma since being injured in a September auto accident, decided that his family had to come first. To dock his pay for being a good role model, which we need more of in the NFL, well that's fucked up. Shame on you.

Major League Baseball: Can we get a salary cap already? By allowing a team the ability to potentially pay $350 million for one player, you are feeding an already created monster. A salary cap would be better for the teams, better for the fans, and better for the future of the game. You know who it wouldn't be better for? The agents. Which is just fine by me. You're letting guys like Scott Boras make a mockery of the sport and, well, that's fucked up. Shame on you.