Friday, September 21, 2007

Sports Figures Who Need To STFU

A little while ago I brought you Sports Figures Who Need To Grow Some Balls. Today, let's explore Sports Figures Who Need To Shut The Fuck Up.

Donavan McNabb. Seriously, is there anything more cliche than the black athlete complaining about the oppression of black athletes? It's been done. Besides, if you had a win under your belt you might have a shot at legitimacy. But when you're 0-2, you just sound like a whiny bitch in a gay looking uniform making excuses. You're not being criticized because you're black. You're being criticized because you suck. Get over it, throw some touchdowns and shut the fuck up.

The NFL. The whole Patriots cheating scandal has proven that the NFL is the mafia of the major sports organizations. An Italian guy snitched, knee caps were broken, monetary punishment was assessed and evidence was destroyed. In the interest of safety, everyone involved should shut the fuck up. You know, they are breaking ground on that new stadium in Jersey. When Mangini disappears, I don't know nothin'.

Red Sox fans. Shut the fuck up. You blew a 14.5 game division lead. 2004 was a long time ago. You can go back to being the red headed step child now.


theoriginaljd said...

Just so we're clear - lead is 2.5 and 2000 was a lot longer time ago then 2004.

Oh and I'm still bitter that I lost that bet. Heh.

SportsGirl365 said...

JD, I cannot WAIT for the payday.