Tuesday, August 28, 2007

She's baaaaack!

A huge round of applause for Rob, who kicked this blog's ass while I was on vacation. I might have to fire myself and replace me with Rob. It was a much needed vacation, but thanks to lack of dependable internet access in the Outer Banks, I returned home to lots of catching up to do. Basically here's what I missed:

Vick pleaded guilty. They guy's lost his biggest endorsement, the rest of his contract, will most likely have to return his signing bonus and will do time. On top of that, he was just OK as a pro QB. I think it's about time we all stopped caring about this.

I got 3,000 emails regarding the Giants loss to the Jets. I've said it before and I'll say it again. PRE-SEASON SUCKS DONKEY BALLS. I don't care if the 4th string quarterback threw an interception intended for the 6th wide receiver.

Stephen A. got fired from the Philly Inquirer. A plethora of Cheesy Doodle jokes ensued. ZZZZZZZZ

David Wells is now a Dodger. And still a fat bastard.

Eli's whining because Tiki was being critical of his team leadership. Hey Eli, grow a set. It is now Tiki's job to analyze the NFL. Try winning a few games before you start crying like a bitch.

I have three fantasy teams and one of my leagues apparently made the decision to let 2 other girls into the league. And that's not the worst part. One will be using a computer drafting program to draft for her and the other is the wife of another league member. This goes against everything I stand for. And basically, this guy now has no “wife free” haven. Our league commissioner gets jackass of the week for allowing this to happen. And I don't care that she's pregnant. If she mispronounces a players name, she's doing a shot.

Less than two weeks to go before the beginning of the greatest 4 months of the year. It's a magical time filled with footballing, drinking, fantasy teams, shit talk, and general weekend debauchery. I absolutely live for it.


Frank White said...

Welcome back punkass!