Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jumping the Gun: Previewing the 2008 Yankees Bullpen

Although the 2007 season is far from over, this Yankees fan is already looking forward to next year, the Yankees' final season in that history-filled dump at East 161st Street & River Avenue. Let's continue with the relief pitchers:

  • Closer (2007): Mariano Rivera
  • Closer (2008): Mariano Rivera
I'm tempted to pencil Edwar Ramirez in here. Mariano is a free agent and he's old enough to remember the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, but give the guy a couple more years at $12-14 million per and we'll see where our fortunes lie.
  • Right-handed short relief (2007): Kyle Farnsworth, Luis Vizcaino, Scott Proctor, Brian Bruney, Edwar Ramirez, Joba Chamberlain, amongst others
  • Right-handed short relief (2008): Kyle Farnsworth, Edwar Ramirez, Darrell Rasner/Jeff Karstens, EXCITING FREE AGENT ACQUISITION
I don't really know the difference between Rasner and Karstens. One's 27, one's 26. One broke his leg, one broke his finger. One makes $389,495, one makes $384,523. Neither is signed past this year, naturally. As for the free agent, let's take....Scott Linebrink. Sure.
  • LOOGY (2007): Mike Myers
  • LOOGY (2008): Sean Henn
Mike Myers is still the second most effective reliever for the 2007 Yankees (even as he languishes on the shitty White Sox). Unfortunately, he couldn't do the goddamned job he was hired for, getting lefties out. Fuck! This Sean Henn character probably can't do it much better but I'm flummoxed right now. If that meaningless stat known as the 'save' didn't exist, Mariano Rivera would be our LOOGY (yes, I know he throws right-handed but he does super well against lefties) and only come into high leverage situations. Oh well!

-Rob Iracane