Sunday, August 12, 2007

Getting to know SportsGirl

The boys from Ghosts of Wayne Fontes interviewed me for a post on Epic Carnival. Check it out for a glimpse into the mind of SportsGirl.

The interview was pretty long, so here are a few questions that didn't make the cut.

Ghosts: Is A-Rod going to break Bonds record?
SportsGirl: What* is* this* record* you* speak* of*?

Ghosts: Your fondest Red Sox/Yankees moment?
SportsGirl: My fondest Red Sox/Yankees moment was actually Vegas in June at Blondie’s Sports Bar watching the first game in the Yankees/Boston series and finding myself surrounded by Yankees and Red Sox fans. Halfway through the game, a Red Sox fan offered a Yankees fan $100 to eat 50 little restaurant packs of butter. And the crazy bastard did it. I’ve never been more prouder to be a Yankees fan. It wasn’t that he actually did it (because that was just plain stupid) but it was the fact that he got challenged and didn’t back down. It reminded me of the old Yankees who didn’t take crap from anyone, let alone Boston.

Ghosts: Would you say AC/DC was better when Bon Scott (Lead Singer) was alive or do you fancy their work since Brian Johnson (Lead Singer) took over?
SportsGirl: Wow, that's a tough call to make. I mean, Highway to Hell came out of the Bon Scott era and Back in Black was Brian Johnson. Those are two of the best albums ever produced. Honestly, I think the loss of Phil Rudd had a bigger impact on the band than the Scott/Johnson switch.

Ghosts: Who is the worst trash talker in [the KSK] league?
SportsGirl: You know, it's too early to tell, but I can be pretty obnoxious myself. I plan on highlighting the “Trash Talk Comment of the Week” on Strike Zones to call out the best trash talker from the week before. Stay tuned.