Monday, July 16, 2007

Racism in Baseball

Head on over to the Huffington Post to read my thoughts on Gary Sheffield and his issues with the Yankees and racism (you had to know I'd have something to say about this).


MCBias said...

I don't know. Yes, some of the things Gary has said were kind of crazy. But I find it interesting that fellow ballplayers are willing to agree with Gary in public (i.e. Kenny Lofton agrees with Gary about a different standard) and I haven't yet heard of a ballplayer who disagreed with Gary.

SportsGirl365 said...

@McBias: Because it's a rock and a hard place for the Gary opposers. If you're white and you disagree you're racist. If you're black and you disagree, you're considered a traitor by your fellow same-race players. It's easier for the opposition to keep their mouths shut.