Monday, July 2, 2007

Nothing before the All Star Break counts

So, I made a bet with a Red Sox fan friend of mine. (Yes, I have Red Sox fan friends. I take my charity work very seriously) If the Yankees make the playoffs, he has to spend a night out drinking in a Yankees jersey of my choice. If they don’t make the playoffs, I have to do the same in a Boston jersey.

Now, to be fair, when I made the wager a few weeks ago, the Yankees were on a comeback and gaining ground in the standings. The bet wasn’t who would make it further, it was whether the Yankees would even make it in. And I’ll have to admit, I had a few Blue Moons in me at the time. (Note to self: don’t make stupid bets while drinking. Unless said bet involves more drinking.)

I’ve always been a firm believer in the All Star Break Theory, which states that anything can happen after July. But things have gotten so bad for the Yankees that players are burning their equipment in Voo Doo bonfires and our third baseman would rather play with Bonds. I’m never one to give up on her team like some people, but I’ll admit. I’m getting a little nervous.

So while the Yankees are slowly quickly sliding down the standings pole, I receive daily reminders from the aforementioned Red Sox friend that I could quite possibly lose our bet. I always said I’d die before I’d ever wear anything Red Sox related, and this could hold true since watching the Yankees continue to play like this just might kill me before the post season.

And IF I do lose this bet, I hope I drink enough to throw up on the jersey.


Monday Morning Punter said...

You're screwed.

Maria said...

Hopefully I will be there to see that =)