Thursday, July 5, 2007

Brings his clueless girlfriend to the game guy

It’s been a crazy week of making bets, winning contests, and drinking my sorrows away. And since I’m still shaking off the mid-week holiday, I’m slightly phoning it in today.

That’s right. It’s time for another edition of That Fan. Today is dedicated to Brings His Clueless Girlfriend To The Game Guy.

We’ve all experienced you Clueless Girlfriend Guy. She hates sports and would rather be shopping yet you brought her anyway. Her lack of sports knowledge is astounding and each play needs to be explained to her like colors to a two year old. Those of us near you get to hear you explain the purpose of extra points while she talks to her girlfriends on her pink Razr. And while I’d rather listen to you than Al Michaels, there’s not enough stadium beer in the world to numb the pain of hearing a thousand “why did they do that” questions.

We know you brought her because she complained you don’t spend enough time together. While we sympathize with your plight Girlfriend Guy, take one for the team and go shopping with her. Don’t bring her to the game.


F*ckUFirst said...

And dude, seriously, what's up with buying her a pink hat? Does she not already look the part with her Chanel face goggles, LVMH dufflepurse, 8 inch stillettos and rocking your Paul Pierce head band as a tube top? Just walk away bro. Your friends already hate her, why do you think we wouldn't?

kylydia said...

hear hear! Please, also try to make sure she's outfitted in the team's real colors and none of those dumbass pink "girls will like it" jerseys.

Signal to Noise said...

I actually was this guy once. And I mean once. I got so pissed off with questions every five minutes that I resolved to never do it again, no matter how much of a good idea the GF thinks it is.

Anonymous said...

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