Monday, July 9, 2007

#1 Draft pick in 2022

The NFL's future star lineman is this kid. Rayshun McDowell, 5 years old from North Carolina, chased down and pinned a rabid fox to protect his brother.

"The fox bit Rayshun in the leg, but the 61-pound-boy held the animal down for more than a minute. Animal control officials said Tuesday that test results confirmed the fox had rabies, which is fatal unless treated before symptoms appear."

“I looked out the window and Rayshun had the fox by the neck and was pushing it into the ground,” said his mother, Shinda Linder. “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.”

Sure he's a Hall of Famer who ate QB's for breakfast, but I never saw Lawrence Taylor pile drive a rabid fox.

"Rayshun, meanwhile, asked only for a Band-Aid and didn’t complain of any pain."

Five year old Rayshun is now under investigation for possible abuse of cobra venom.


grungedave said...

I need to see a birth certificate. That rare combination of size/speed can only be found in an 8 year old... *maybe* a 7 year old!