Thursday, June 14, 2007

Shamefully Overlooked Sports Rivalries

It's collaboration week here at Strike Zones and End Zones. For my next trick, I've teamed up with JP of Pyle of List to highlight one of the most overlooked sports rivalries in sports: Babe Ruth vs. The 5th Hole. Head on over and check it out.

Join me this weekend on Ladies... where MetsChick and I will discuss the happenings of the Subway Series. I'll be at the Stadium for all three games, so I apologize in advance for any drunken blogging.


Rat In A Cage said...

The whole not being able to log in thing was more trouble than pouring a Guinness so I chose the later, but I thought I'd share this:

I don't want to play golf. When I hit a ball, I want someone else to go chase it. ~Rogers Hornsby