Monday, May 14, 2007

Brett Favre, Tom Brady will smack you now

Baseball season is depressing me. Call me a spoiled Yankees fan, but I’m not used to this losing crap. So let’s talk about football.

Brett Favre’s been bitching that the Packer’s didn’t get Randy Moss over the Patriots. To which Tom Brady’s response should have been “Well, how does it feel?”. No other quarterback has done so much with so little than Tom Brady. And while I’m skeptical of the contribution Moss will make to the Patriots emotionally, he’s definitely the receiver that Brady has been waiting patiently for. And after watching Deion Branch get ripped away from him, Brady deserves it.

Now, I understand that this may be his last year and Favre would like to go out on a Super Bowl appearance. But some (most?) would argue that Favre should have gone out last year. Or the year before. Why would the Packers invest money on an emotional player with the ability to turn a locker room upside down so that their aging quarterback has someone else to throw to? In addition to the two high pick WR’s they picked up in the draft, they also have Donald Driver and Koren Robinson. The risk factor of picking up Moss would not have been worth it to the Packers.

Favre, who is usually good at keeping his emotions in check when it comes to the media, has shown a rare display of his frustration. Is he doubting his current WR roster’s ability, or his own? A lack of confidence in his own ability could be detrimental to his performance. And regardless of his 17 years in the league, such displays of disapproval filter down to the locker room and can breakdown QB/WR relationships. Just ask T.O.

I have a ton of respect for Favre and his contribution to the game of football. And he has all of the tools that it takes to prove he belongs here for another year. I hope he uses them wisely.


MCBias said...

I don't know; the Packers front office has done nothing for five years now. While Brady's receivers have been nothing to crow about recently, his running backs/linesmen were pretty good last year.

SportsGirl365 said...

Yes, but collectively you can't compare the offense Brady's been given with the offense Favre's been blessed with.