Monday, April 23, 2007

Of Dice and Men

I woke up this morning hoping that what I saw last night was a dream. Praying that the Yankees didn’t give up an entire series to Boston. But alas, it was so.

While I don’t really want to dwell on the series (I’d need a bottle of tequila and prescription meds to handle that), I do think it’s worth mentioning that the supposed Yankee eater Daisuke Matsuzaka was not that impressive. Really. Eight hits, six runs, and an ERA of 4.00. Not to mention an ERA of 5.54 over the last few games. While those numbers would be ok for an average pitcher, this is the venerable Dice K. The $52 million man who was brought on to intimidate the opposition with 8 different pitches and steamroll the Yankees. What really happened is the Yankees steamrolled themselves.

And while this may qualify as the obvious statement of the year, it needs to be said: the Yankees need to work out their pitching issues quickly. When your best starter is pitching out of the bullpen, it’s not a good sign.

As far as Matsuzaka, as I listened to the announcers go on about how amazing this guy is while he’s in the middle of pitching an unimpressive game, I began to wonder: how long will the hype last? If he continues to pitch this way, how long will it be before the reality of Matsuzaka catches up with the myth of Dice K?