Friday, April 20, 2007

Not buying it...yet.

Arod. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one person cause so many people to jump on, then off, then on a band wagon. All of the “Arod sucks” grumbles of last season have turned into praises heralded from the rooftops. Yes, the man leads all of MLB in homeruns. The closest player to his 26 RBI’s is the Twins’ Michael Cuddyer with 14. But we’re only 14 games in. A lot can happen.

The concept of “team” is slipping, both within the team itself and among the fans, and no organization shows it more than the Yankees. Now before the hate mail starts flying, remember I’m a die hard Yankees fan. But part of being a fan is being able to understand your team’s dynamic. Let’s say Arod didn’t hit that walk-off to win the game. Would he get booed? Would the other 8 players in the line-up take responsibility for creating the need for a clutch hit? What about the Golden Boy, Jeter who went 1-5? Are we going to start booing Mientkiewicz, who’s batting .147? And where’s the praise for Posada with the team’s highest batting average? Win or lose, we’re always looking for that one hero or villain, and sometimes it’s the same guy either way.

As Yankees fans continue to flip flop their opinions, we need to keep a few things in mind: 1. We’re only 14 games in. 2. It’s Arod’s contract year. 3. We’re only 14 games in. Arod’s notorious for being a headcase. While I would love nothing more than for his streak to continue, I’m holding off on donning my “I heart Arod” t-shirt for a while. And should he end up having an MVP year, Yankees fans should fully expect him to go to the highest bidder while giving us the middle finger. And collectively we’d deserve it.


OC said...

Well, it's been a few weeks since this entry in your blog and Arod has definitely cooled, but his overall number are still great. I think he will end up having a very productive year, but this may be his last as a Yankee. Why do I say that? Because when the Yankees fail to make the World Series again (I am just being realistic here) then Cashman (or Steinbrenner) will try to shake things up once again and I feel they may part ways with the great Arod.

I have never been a huge Arod fan, but nobody can deny that he is an absolute stud hitter who may go down as one of the greatest hitters ever when all is said and done.

SportsGirl365 said...

I agree that he ranks up there in stats with some of the greatest players in the game. But he's too much of a headcase to ever be reliable as a full time clutch performer.